Cyber Heroes, s.r.o.

Incorporating security mechanism into your Agile development methodology is the key to produce secure applications and not losing the benefits from agile attitude at the same time.

Typical service included:

  • Security analysis for agile teams
  • Security training
  • Development process integration

Incorporating security mechanisms into already running agile development is always unique and extensive task. Based on our experience the best way to accomplish it is as following:

  1. At first we need to know what security guarantees your development teams can provide and what security knowledge your teams are in lack of.
  2. Next we need to get familiar with your agile development process to be able to properly design security mechamisns into it.
  3. Third step is to prepare your teams to the new security procedures that will be incorporated into actual development process using tailored security training.
  4. The last step usually consists of one pilot project we will be delivering with you.