Cyber Heroes, s.r.o.

Developing secure application is the key to ensure that your applications won’t be used to attack your organisation or your clients during the application runtime.

Typical service included:

  • Security analysis
  • Source code security review
  • Penetration test

We always deliver one solution per application which ensures the most targeted outputs we can give to you. To develop a secure application we recommend following steps:

  1. At first we need to enrich your business analysis of security requirements and aspects adequately suited to the security assurance you want to deliver.
  2. The second step consists of ensuring that security requirements are implemented correctly. This stage can range from informational assurance that all requirements will be incorporated to the application to manually check fulfillment of particular requirement from the source code perspective.
  3. Final step consists of manual checking implemented security mechanism from hacker’s point of view using penetration testing exercise.