Cyber Heroes, s.r.o.
Cyberattack resistance exercise will help you to find security holes in your corporate environment. 

Typical service included:

  • Social engineering
  • Ethical hacking

All companies are more or less vulnerable to this kind of attacks. The difference is that some companies know their security weaknesses which gives them the opportunity to prepare and test their security countermeasures before an attacker does.

To test your company for Cyber attack resistance we recommend following steps:

  1. At first we will test the weakest spot which is and always will be the human nature. People are programmed to be helpful and gullible to other people which is oftentimes used by an attacker to gain internal information. This test will show you how much gullible your employees are and what attack practices and techniques your employees tend to believe. These results are usually a good material for improvement of your internal security awareness programme.
  2. Second stage consists of real-world hacking scenario where your company becomes a target of a malicious attacker trying to exfiltrate sensitive internal information from your corporate environment.

Usually only several targets are agreed in advance. The attack vector and exfiltration techniques are left on us. At the end of the test you will be provided with detailed report about exploited weaknesses along with proper mitigation procedures.