Cyber Heroes, s.r.o.
Improving security skill set of your development teams will help you produce secure applications.

Typical service included:

  • Security training
  • Security maturity evaluation
  • Development process integration

Improving security knowledge among development teams is not an easy task. To make sure that we are able to deliver our best it is recommended to follow this steps:

  1. At first we need to know how good your teams are in terms of guaranteeing that their outputs are made according to proper security standards. Simply speaking we need to evaluate your teams from information security perspective to be able to create tailored security training and suggest targeted security improvements of your development process.
  2. Second stage is aimed at straightening security knowledge and creating common security language among all development teams. This goal is achieved by tailored security training containing:
    1. Basic security principles which will guide your employees in case of an unknown situations
    2. Explanation of generally used (often wrongly) security terms to set common lingo among all teams
    3. Security perspective from non-development teams.
    4. All necessary security knowledge regarding information security your teams are in lack of.
  3. All security knowledge is useless when it is not applied well. This final stage will bring you a direction to incorporating newly gained knowledge to your development process and also for your own future development.