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Securing your
development life cycle
is our best interest


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The very best we can deliver

Security Analysis

At the very beginning of your development you need security analysis

Penetration testing

Before releasing your application to the wilderness you need penetration test

Source code security review

Will help you develop secure applications

Security training

To enhance security awareness of your analysts, developers or testers you need security training

Security maturity evaluation

To move further or straighten security knowledge of your development teams you need security maturity evaluation

Cloud/API services security

Neither cloud nor API service can be considered secured without implementing proper security mechanisms and security testing

Social engineering

Can show you how your employees are trained to resist social engineering attempts so you can develope targeted security awareness program

Ethical hacking exercise

Will help you understand how an attacker can exfiltrate your sensitive internal information

Development process integration

All newly implemented technical and organisational security controls need to be carefully incorporated into your development process


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Let’s see what we are made of

Meet our core team


  • Aleš Mikulec


We secure your applicaitons so
you don’t have to be affraid of:

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Our philosophy

It's how we think

We are doing a little bit of this and a little bit of that but always deliver

  • The best-practice from the market
  • Solutions with reflection of internal environment
  • Security and usabability balanced solutions
  • Solutions keeping operational risk minimal along with preserved functionality


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Short history of our contribution to mankind

We are a dynamic company with a long-term experience from a variety of large companies and their environments. Our specialization is the field of application security and activities related to secure development.

We specialize in the implementation security methodics, tools and processes into the corporate environment. Our goal is to ensure a high level of security starting with early stages of software development.
Operating in large companies will allow us to design the optimal security solutions for you.

If you are looking for a reliable partner for making your plans come true in the range of our services, I believe that you will appreciate our personal approach, dependability, flexibility and widen the range of our satisfied customers.

We thank you for your trust,
Aleš Mikulec, CEO

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Meet us:

Cyber Heroes, s.r.o. 
Domažlická 1256/1 Praha 3, 130 00
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